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  • 20 Foot Flat Rack

    20 Foot Flat Rack Specification

    Container base and ends only permitting side and/or top loading. Various models - some of which make a platform when collapsed. Used for carrying awkward and oversize loads such as machinery, cables, drums, sheet and steel coils, heavy vehicles, timber and forest products.
    Note: Specifications may vary slightly according to manufacturer.
    External Width 2,440 mm 8 ft
    Height 2,590 mm 8 ft 6.0 in
    Length 6,060 mm 20 ft
    Interior Width 2,347 mm 7ft 8.4 in
    Height 2,259 mm 7 ft 8.9 in
    Length 5,883 mm 19 ft 4.3 in
    Cubic Capacity 32.6 cu m 1,166 cu f
    Tare Weight 2,750 kg 6,060 lbs
    Max. Payload 31,158 kg 68,690 lbs
    Max. Gross Weight 34,000 kg 74,950 lbs

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