Inland clearance depot (ICD)
  • Sotrans ICD overview

    Vinalogistic ICD officially put into operation in early 2010. Port has convenient location, high-tech lines to ensure customer needs. Read move

  • Strategic location

    - Connetion to major economic centers.
        • From HCM central:        9 km.
        • From Vung Tau city:        110 km.
        • From Binh Duong province:    15 km. Read move

  • Capacity and Equipment

    Vinalogistic ICD overview:
       •     Area:     10 ha (100.000 m2).
       •     Begin date:     April, 2010.
       •     Location:     Km 09 Hanoi highway, Truong Tho ward, Thu Đuc Dist., HCM city. Read move

  • Services

    Services at Vinalogistic ICD:
       + Inland clearance depot.
       + lifting on/off containers.
       + Loading and unloading containers.
       + Transporting project, overheight and overweight cargoes.
       + Forwarding export - import goods. Read move

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