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    With more than 35 years of experience in forwarding and warehousing, Vinalogistic may understand and effectively fulfill different Customer’s needs of forwarding and transportation. We will transport not only super-loaded and super-heavy cargo for super-big projects but also small packages through airport security border. Strength of Vinalogistic logistics is flexible application of suitable forwarding step, ensures timely customs declaration, and save time and cost for Customers. Many multinational companies such as Pepsi, P&G, Uni President, Colgate, and Dutch Lady have selected Vinalogistic as service supplier because they believe that Vinalogistic will forward timely and safely.

    > Vinalogistic provide a straight through process (STP) from receiving cargo, packaging, storing, leasing means of transportation, dealing with customs procedures, and delivering to destination (usually works, factories or warehouses) as requested and designated by Customers. Vinalogistic’s motto „Save best time and cost for Customer” promotes Vinalogistic as leading companies in forwarding and warehousing services.

    Our greatest purpose is to minimize the time for transportation. The available services are:

        Documentation, insurance, inspection.


        Inland haulage.


        Packing, picking and labeling.



        Door to door delivery.

    For more information, please contact:


    Address: No 30 Doan Thi Diem – Dong Da – Ha Noi.
    Tel: +84.4 37326736

    Fax: +84.4 37326737
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