• IATA ULD Code: P1P Flat Pallet with net

    IATA ULD Code: P1P Flat Pallet with net
    Classification: LD-7; Rate Class: Type 5

    Description: Universal general purpose flat pallet for lower and main decks
    Suitable: Wide body: All aircraft lower and main decks. Narrow body: B707F, B727F, B737F, DC8F, Turboprop: L100, L188, CV580, CL 44
    Overall dimensions: L 318cm, W 224cm, H 163cm (L 125in, W 88in, H 64in)
    Build to: H 163cm (H 64in), lower deck Type 5 H 203cm (H 80in) main deck Type 2A
    Internal dimensions: L 307cm, W 213cm (L 121in, W 84in)
    Maximum volume without overhang: 10.2cu.m (360 cu.ft)
    Maximum gross weight: 4626kg (10198lb)
    Tare weight: 105kg (231lb)

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