• Bonded warehouse

Vinalogistic Bonded warehouse placed in Thu Duc, Logistics center of the city, with more than 6 ICDs assembled in this area, is very convenient for the use of bonded warehouse of customers. In Binh Duong, where gathers key industries, Vinalogistic has 9000m2 of bonded warehouse system that can promptly meet the demands of industrial areas.

With long-time experience in the field of customs declaration and being the first typical customs agents in Vietnam, Vinalogistic provide to customers hire bonded warehouse the best supports in customs declaration procedures and with Vinalogistic staffs certificated in customs declaration can solve tasks arising in relation to customs brokerage service to help customers save time and cost.

Vinalogistic provides bonded warehouse services for the following goods:

    Export goods (finished the Customs and be waiting for export).
    Goods for temporary import that is in time for re-export.
    Goods for re-export at authorities’ request.
    Goods from foreign owner who hasn’t sign the selling contract to Vietnam enterprise.
    Import goods of Vietnam enterprise which is waiting to enter the domestic market with free import tax.
    Foreign goods in transit, held in Vietnam while awaiting export to a third country.

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